Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dark Side Of The Process...

(A collection of work in progress photos)

So about a little more than a year ago, I participated in a live paint event at Phone Booth Gallery.  It was a great turnout and in front of a crowd I had decided to paint over the course of 5 hrs or so a Stormtrooper helmet infused with a skull. You can see what came out of it in this VIDEOAs time passed I always hoped to revisit the idea on a broader scale. Phone Booth's creative director, Gary Booth asked me if I would be interested in doing a print release for the gallery. I asked him "How about three prints?".  Speaking to Gary I explained that I had envisioned three key helmets that would showcase the baddies of the dark side.  “Skullduggery: A Tribute to the Dark Side” would now begin to take shape.  Here are some of the process photos of the drawing stage and building of the backgrounds.

Starting the Collage

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